Know Today - About.

A few things about this site.

I created it originally for Black History Month. For each day in the month of February, I'd find a different person of significance and put together an email to my mother and sister to share data. Remembering is the best way to make sure we don't repeat our mistakes - and appreciate people who made a difference. A lightbulb went off...why not share this with the world (if they wanted it).

Recently, my wife suddenly shot up from the couch around 8 PM one evening and suddenly remembered it was our niece's birthday. Something about seeing the date just came into her brain. I have her birthday on a gmail calendar on both of our phones and on a Snapfish calendar but throughout the day, we just missed it. But....

What if she had gotten an email that morning with a little story about her niece with a baby picture or action shot? And what if she could get this every year? What if we got a reminder when our son turns 1,000 days old (yep, that's for me as a Dad).

This site will allow you to do that and much more.

Thanks for taking a look.

Send me suggestions and more content and I'll add it in! Contact info is listed at the bottom of the page.